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Three Tips – How to Date on a Budget

Dating can get expensive, and for those on budgets this can be really hard. There are ways you can date and stay with in a budget without looking cheap though. Here are some great tips for keeping the dating expenses down while still enjoying an active dating life.
Avoid Coupons
While women are sensitive to budgets, no one wants to see their date pulling a coupon out of their wallet when the time comes to pay. As a general rule, if you can’t afford the establishment without a coupon, just avoid it all together. You can find other alternatives.
Cheap Dates
There are plenty of date ideas that don’t cost a lot of money. A bottle of wine and a packed lunch is all that you need for a romantic picnic. Renting a movie is less than cheap and ordering in can be done for another date idea. Get yourselves invited to a swingers party. they cost nothing to attend, you get to meet new people and maybe have sex with them. Enjoying a local hiking trail is free. There are plenty of things you can do for very little money if you just think about it before you plan a date.
Be Realistic
If you plan an extravagant and expensive date early on, your date will start to expect that. You can still lavish her later on, just don’t do it right out of the gate. You don’t want to tell your date that you are cash poor, but there is no shame in telling them you are on a budget. If you are honest about this up front their expectations won’t be anything different than what you can do. If you want to plan something that is going to cost a lot of money, consider going Dutch. This way you can enjoy your time together and only worry about paying for one person.

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Top Tips for a Coffee Date

Coffee dates are a standard when it comes to first dates. Many people don’t even consider them ‘real’ dates because they are usually made as a way to get to know someone better before planning anything very special. The coffee date is important though, as it sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. A good coffee date can lead to more dates, while a bad coffee date will just leave you needing to find someone else to date.
Make a Schedule
Try to plan a coffee date for early in the day. This way you can schedule a cut off time. This is important as it keeps the date short enough to not get boring, but allows you enough time to get to know the other person. It’s also much easier to walk away from a date if they think you have an appointment or other engagement to get to. Try to plan for about two hours. So if you meet at 3, say you need to leave by 5 to get somewhere. If it goes well, you can eliminate the schedule idea for the next date.
Keep it Light
The coffee date should be about getting to know the other person and see if there is chemistry and compatibility there. Avoid touchy subjects. You shouldn’t bring up religion unless you met the person through the church or on a religious website. Politics can also get heated very quickly, and can lead to a terrible date experience. Just try to focus on things like hobbies, favorites, and other mild topics. There will be time later to get in to deeper discussions if the chemistry is there.

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Creative Date Ideas

A typical date is great, but every now and then you should try to find a creative date idea to keep the spark going. Dinner and a movie will get boring after a while. To spice things up and keep the spark alive, here are some great ideas to help you break away from the ordinary.
Be a Kid Again
We all like to be able to just play unabashed every now and then. A date that is designed around picnics in a park, a trip to the zoo, or riding Ferris wheels at the county fair will go over big. Grab some cotton candy and don’t forget to try to win some prizes!
Take a Unique Tour
Regardless of where you live you can find bizarre museums or businesses that offer tours. Look for things that are out of the ordinary for the most fun. Tour the haunted places in your area in late fall. Go to an apple festival. Find a museum that only has memorabilia from a specific movie. These are all great ways to enjoy the day together, laugh, and just let loose.
Back to Nature
These ideas may cost a little more money, but it’s worth saving for. Plan some horseback riding lessons, go kayaking, go dogging, or take a mountain bike tour. These are great ways to spend time together, enjoy the outdoors, and learn a new skill. Some of these ideas can be planned as group trips as well to save on the cost. White water rafting will cost less if you have a full group to go.

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Dating Guide for Men

Dating is a much different game than it was 20 years ago. It can get confusing, and men are often left holding the bag wondering what went wrong. If you need a quick dating guide, here are some great tips to help you out.
Don’t Be Pushy or a Pushover
Women want a guy to be a guy, but they also want to know that they are safe. It can be a fine line to walk. You want to be a little aggressive on the date, but not overdo it. It’s a good rule to go ahead and open doors and plan the date yourself. Grab the check and reach for your wallet before she has a chance. Don’t do things like order for her at a restaurant, don’t move forward sexually on the first few dates, and don’t overpower her talking about yourself.
Styles come and go. Avoid being too trendy on a first date. Just wear something nice and pressed, and pay attention to grooming. Make sure you are clean and presentable. A good way to plan this is if you wouldn’t wear it to church or a job interview; don’t wear it on a date either.
Impressing Her
It’s natural to want to impress her, especially when you first start dating. Renting a fancy sports car, bragging about how much money you make, and talking about yourself a lot will not impress her. This will make you look like a snob and high maintenance. Women don’t want this. They just want someone they are comfortable around, can laugh with, and be open with. The car and the bank account don’t matter.

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Dating Guide for Women

Dating is just as nerve wracking for women as it is for men. The times have changed, and it’s not as simple as it used to be. If you are on the dating market again, here are some great tips to help you as a woman in the dating field.
Yes, you want to show off your assets, but don’t dress too provocatively. The old adage that men want a freak in the sheet and a lady in the streets does hold some water. You don’t need to wear turtle necks and long pants, but leave your club gear and lingerie at home.
Let Them Be a Man
Don’t throw a fit if they grab for the check before you do. You may be an independent woman, but the man wants to feel useful. Go ahead and let him hold doors, pay for meals, etc.
Speak up! Men don’t want to do all the talking. When they get nervous they may try to dominate the conversation without realizing it. Don’t be afraid to speak up, share some of your own stories and talk about your interests.
It’s a good idea to wait to have sex for at least several dates. If you invite a guy up to your place after the date, it sends the wrong message. They will assume you are easy, and you may not hear from them again. Sex is important to men and women, but when given the opportunity most men will jump at the chance for no strings sex. Having sex on the first date sends the message that is a no strings thing. If you want to secure future dates, wait on this.

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How to Ask Someone Out for a Date

Asking someone out for a date can cause anxiety. The fear of rejection is always present, and it can create even more anxiety. If you look fearful or nervous, it may not come across as endearing. Here are a few helpful pointers to consider when you want to ask someone out on a date.
The first thing you need to do is take some deep breaths and just relax. Everyone has experienced the anxiety related to asking someone out. Don’t over think it, just do it. The worse thing that can happen is you may hear a no. If that happens, you just move on and leave that behind you.
Watch Body Language
Try to strike up a conversation before hand so you can watch body language. You will be able to tell if they are interested before you ask if you do this. If they keep moving their body away from you, or turning around, they will likely say no. Seeing this before you ask will help you eliminate the embarrassment of rejection.
Where to Go
Before you ask someone out you should have an idea of where you want to go. Keep the first date simple. Ask them out to coffee or tea, or to a local bakery where you can enjoy conversation. These are also non intimidating, and will give you an opportunity to get to know each better for future date ideas.

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