Dating is just as nerve wracking for women as it is for men. The times have changed, and it’s not as simple as it used to be. If you are on the dating market again, here are some great tips to help you as a woman in the dating field.
Yes, you want to show off your assets, but don’t dress too provocatively. The old adage that men want a freak in the sheet and a lady in the streets does hold some water. You don’t need to wear turtle necks and long pants, but leave your club gear and lingerie at home.
Let Them Be a Man
Don’t throw a fit if they grab for the check before you do. You may be an independent woman, but the man wants to feel useful. Go ahead and let him hold doors, pay for meals, etc.
Speak up! Men don’t want to do all the talking. When they get nervous they may try to dominate the conversation without realizing it. Don’t be afraid to speak up, share some of your own stories and talk about your interests.
It’s a good idea to wait to have sex for at least several dates. If you invite a guy up to your place after the date, it sends the wrong message. They will assume you are easy, and you may not hear from them again. Sex is important to men and women, but when given the opportunity most men will jump at the chance for no strings sex. Having sex on the first date sends the message that is a no strings thing. If you want to secure future dates, wait on this.